© 2019 Chanel Jaxson

The Mean Girl

People say 'Mean Girl' like its a bad thing. 

I think I'm well misbehaved and a little misunderstood.


Besides my charming and charismatic character, I have a playful yet mischievous side that isn't meant for everyone. I have a great imagination that really comes in handy when I'm feeling devilish. 

The REAL question for you is DO I GET TO OWN YOU or JUST PLAY

Every now and then you're feeling a taboo and I know just what to do.

Do you have a kink, I bet I can help you fulfill a fetish.

You crave ownership.

Relinquish control to an Ebony Goddess that has a nurturing but firm grip on your new thoughtless reality. 

Do you feel undeserving of your money?

I'll make you feel much better about it.